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Discover The Digital Museum Dedicated To Prince’s Evolving Websites

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted July 11, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Following the shock loss of Prince, one of music’s greatest ever talents in April this year, the Prince Online Museum is one of the stand-out memorials to the cultural icon’s avid devotion to unveiling new websites.

The digital archive collects each and every one of Prince’s web ‘projects’, right back to the release of the 1994 Prince Interactive, which, for those who can’t recall or weren’t around then, is a CD-ROM for the dial-up era.

The website offers viewers a catalogue of almost 20 official websites that the artist formerly known as Prince launched as a way to help promote and endorse his personal work. There are several websites that are now obsolete, such as his first official site,, however, the museum provides visitors with captivating screenshots of some of the pages and offers details in terms of the topics they covered. Wherever possible, the site features links back to the original website, enabling people to discover and explore for themselves.

These days some feel that the internet is a momentary place for lots of websites with constant updates and alterations to stay ahead of the times, particularly for eCommerce businesses wanting to pip their competition to stay ahead of the game. Although there is this concern, the Prince Online Museum holds fast and give us all a rare gateway into the world of a particularly exact slice of how the world wide web looked like decades previously.

We’re sure that you’d agree that the catalogue is a truly fitting tribute to a man who was more than just a musician, or an artist, he was a genius in his own right, and who would have thought that his digital presence would now provide such intrigue as much of his music?

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Social media image courtesy of Penner under Creative Commons.