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How To Build The Perfect Toolkit For Digital Marketing

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted January 27, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Digital marketing is being found online by the right customers and giving them every reason to convert. If you have an eCommerce shop, you need to know what tools are available to offer you the best chance of success and to help you compete in the busy marketplace. Here are just a few ideas.

How can you tell for certain how well your eCommerce site is ranking in search engines? A monitoring tool such as Advanced Web Ranking is designed for just the job. It’s useful for tracking your performance worldwide, with reports that show data from defined sub-sets, such as geographical location. Many have additional features too.

SEO tools, such as SEO Spider, are a must for any serious digital marketer. You can’t afford to let SEO mistakes ruin your performance. Spotting any issues that were stopping you ranking higher than you should (and making the right tweaks to turn things around!) is crucial.

Part of good SEO practice involves checking your site links – making sure they aren’t broken, redirected or suspicious. Cleaning up your links could tune up your search ranking performance and make a big difference to rankings. Chrome and Firefox extensions offer a few tried and trusted options for checking those links.

Keep track of shares and mentions of your eCommerce site with tools that analyse the relevant social media statistics. A free tool for social monitoring is Social Crawlytics, or there’s Fresh Web Explorer, which has additional features, such as the facility to discover mentions of your site on the web, even where there are no live links.

Choosing the right keywords is a powerful recipe for increasing traffic to your eCommerce site also. Logic and best guesses might get you part way to deciding which search terms to target, but for optimal marketing results, a keyword selection tool will give you statistics to back up your hunches, as well as show you how to increase traffic to your site. If you want even more keyword suggestions than the classic Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you could consider something like Ubersuggest.

Those are just a few of the tools you should consider to help improve your digital marketing.