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Defining And Reaching Your Audience For More Sales

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted September 14, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re selling online, you’re most likely in a market that is full of competitors all offering products and services that are along the lines of yours. However few or many clients are out there searching for your line of business, you’ll have to single yours out from the crowd if you want to secure your slice of the pie.

If you want to achieve this, simply increasing the quantity of advertising or social media stunts won’t do the job, because everyone else is doing that too. What your eCommerce shop really needs is to get more specific: make a strong statement about the values and benefits you know your potential clients expect and show that you can offer these better than the other brands available.

You’ll probably want to start by pinning down exactly who you’re selling to and find out what exactly they’re looking for. What are the perceived benefits that will hit the spot for that particular audience? If you’re pushing ‘low, low prices’ while your clients are looking for high-end class, then you’re likely to miss out on the sale. You might decide to survey your customer base to find out exactly what appeals to them about your brand, and be prepared to face criticism in order to learn how you can improve your sales pitch.

Make sure that the design and message of your site is going to appeal to your intended market. Use the words and graphics that will make the strongest impact, and show that you have some idea of the demographic you’re hoping to sell to. So, for example, if your brand is for younger single women this is likely to have a very different feel and tone than a site aimed at retired couples. In defining more carefully who your real target is, you’ll probably end up with a less global appeal, but more targeted relevance.

And of course, make sure you really know your product or service well so that you can use that knowledge to enhance the perceived value to all your online visitors. This means finding out everything that’s great about what you’re selling, and all the ways in which it’s better than other brands on the market. Also, know your competitors – know what you’re up against. In that way, you’ll be better prepared to stand alongside the best of them in the marketplace, with confidence you have an edge they can’t match.