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How To Create Holiday Harmony Both On And Offline

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted December 15, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

You’re in the eCommerce industry, but that’s no reason to forget your physical store. What you really want, according to the stats, is a combination of the two, and a way for them to work well together – in sync.

Streamline your Magento marketing campaign so that both your internet and physical shops are working from the same customer data.

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Streamline your Magento marketing campaign so that both your internet and physical shops are working on the same customer data. That will mean combining multiple accounts so that you don’t have duplicates and being smart in understanding how to use the data acquired from one world in the other.

Let’s consider how people find the information they need about your products. Some recent CMO Council research tells us that over half of customers will only continue shopping with a particular business if they are getting quality information that relates to their own circumstances. Otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere. In a physical store, this relates to customer service that listens to a shopper’s needs and gives advice from out of that conversation. Online, personalised Magento customer service will draw from all kinds of data and information on previous purchases, search criteria and geo-targeting.

Making use of personalisation is a win/win for buyers and sellers. It speeds up signing in and checks out experiences, and it tracks relevant information to ensure the products offered are finely tuned to the life and preferences of the shopper. Request social media feedback from any in-store purchases, and you’ll pick up extra information that can help personalise suggested items.

Wishlists, where customers construct their preferences online for gifts from your store, are great ways to bring harmony to the virtual world and the physical store. If you’re doing it right and linking the online shopping experience with the offline, you’ll consider both an email to a potential customer to inform them about a relevant sale or bargain price drop, and also an automatic text message that lets them know they’re in the location of a stockist or your physical store.

Make sure a customer who has first browsed online on the move will find exactly what they’re looking for when they get off the bus and into the bricks and mortar equivalent. And when your customer is completing their sale at the checkout, request their email addresses so that you can forge a lucrative link between face to face sales behaviour and online shopping.

These ways to harmonise online and offline shopping will help you maximise your selling potential in both worlds this holiday season.