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Create Attention Grabbing Emails For Your Magento Store

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted July 7, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

How many emails have you bothered to open today? What clinched it for you? Did you know that statistics show only 25% of emails tend to be opened? If you’re in the business of sending emails as part of your eCommerce marketing campaign, you’ll want to make sure your message is one of the lucky ones that gets opened rather than binned straight off.

Top tip to start with – make sure your subject line looks appealing when reading on a mobile device. Think about it and you’ll realise mobile optimisation is a major factor. On an iPhone, that means a maximum of just 35 characters before you’ve overrun. Android devices allow a longer subject line by wrapping the characters to the next line, but you still want to watch the length wherever possible. It’s worth running a few tests to check for click rate with subject lines that are longer and shorter, but an average maximum of around 50 characters is probably about right.

Another subject line trick you can use is to go for a long line but include two topics of interest rather than just one. This way you increase the chances that the recipient is going to spot something they’re interested in opening.

You can opt to personalise email subject lines for an even greater chance of being opened. According to research, where the first name of the email recipient is used the click rate is over 15% higher. MailChimp suggests that using the surname too provides the strongest incentive for emails to get opened.

Of course, there are swings and roundabouts about different designs, so it really is worth checking what works best for your Magento store. But remember that in order to get your emails engaged with by eCommerce consumers, they need to get opened first. So make a good first impression and avoid getting yours binned unread!