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Crazy Ideas For Your eCommerce Store That Might Just Work

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 27, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Feeling in need of an adrenaline rush? Bungee jumping too tame? Live toaster juggling in the bath just for sissies? Excellent! Then have a go at one or two of the following madcap ideas for your Magento site and let’s see whether your conversions suddenly skyrocket or whether we’ll just have a big laugh about it together in the pub afterwards.

Here goes.

Be annoying. Try a popup. Yes, really! In one test, user experience was found to go through the floor, predictably, but conversions increased by nearly 45%. In another, newsletter signups went up by a factor of 900. They tend to work best for opting into email subscriptions, especially if you make them really big and easy to close. Not straight away of course. The time it takes to spring into action around a minute after the page has opened, or when they’ve scrolled far enough down and are just getting comfortable. You never know, it could work for you.

Give them free stuff. Okay, not everything for free, but definitely free delivery, and maybe free shipping on returns too. And what about free reports, books, or free entry to a prize draw? Don’t have detailed forms or long-winded criteria to qualify for it, but display a nice picture of the thing they’re getting and tests show your conversions could rise by over 20%. Worth a try.

Opt for long-form pages – that is, pages with much more text, flowing and readable and content heavy. Don’t just stuff with any old words, but go for rich and relevant phrases and you might just find the lengthier article does the trick. On Moz, it certainly did the trick on their landing page: making it six times as long resulted in an increase in revenue of $1 million.

So push the boat out and see if a crazy idea might turn out to be not so crazy. Of course, it could all go horribly wrong, but then we’ll always have the anecdote, won’t we…