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Could Gmail Have Its Limelight Stolen By Younger Sibling

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted December 10, 2015
  • 3 minutes Read Time

In 2014, Google unveiled its new Inbox app to the world, and now, at the end of 2015 there are whispers (that happen to be increasingly loud ones) that seem to confirm that Gmail’s little sibling is making some rather large strides towards stealing the limelight by becoming the default way of using Google emails.

In more recent times, Google has been encouraging its faithful following to use its fresh “Inbox by Gmail” service, which has seen many people calling the move the beginning of the end for its older sibling, Gmail.

It’s clear, from those in the know that the ‘parents’ of the two services, Google, have been focusing their attention to far more on the younger of the two siblings.

But What Does Inbox Offer?

Essentially, Inbox analyses emails to group ones that it deems to be interesting, alongside other features that see the service organise emails on your behalf. Google’s team like to describe the app as “the inbox that works for you”. Cool, or unnecessary?

Moving on, anyone who uses the Gmail app as a service on their phone is being redirected towards Inbox as opposed to the normal Gmail. A gentle nudge to play with the younger sibling, shall we say. If you use Gmail then you’ll be aware of this, but for those who don’t, when a user clicks through on Gmail they are welcomed by a friendly pop-up telling them that they might want to consider using Inbox as an alternative to regular Gmail.

Here’s what happens when you log in, the message reads: “Thanks for trying Inbox!” “To make it easier, we’ve updated Gmail to redirect you here.”

Anyone who is offered this nudge does still have the choice to switch back to the normal Gmail screen, of course, with a nice big “turn it off” button. Additionally, it is possible for users to turn it off at any time in the future, through the settings, should they wish.

The End Is Nigh…?

So is Google sending its first-born to the shadows in its current format, to be overtaken by its younger, fresher, and more technologically advanced sibling? Is Inbox heading for the default responsibilities?

Google stated that Gmail was very much at the forefront, and there were no plans, as of yet, to suggest that Gmail is to be put in the corner. They say they are just making it easier for its users to get to Inbox as a default.

“Gmail is alive and well,” a Google spokesperson said. “We want to provide a seamless way for Inbox users to reach the Inbox site from without having to memorize a new URL. The optional redirect makes it easy to access Inbox regularly if a user chooses, and it can be turned off with one click under ‘settings’.”

While we don’t have all the answers, and only time will tell what the future holds for the Google family, and the battle of the siblings, if you have any questions with Magento UK hosting, then we have all the answers you could possibly want!