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Conversion Rate Optimisation Best Practices For eCommerce

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted January 15, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Right, let’s sort out some CRO basics to help demystify the art of Conversion Rate Optimisation. Remember, this is about turning browsers into buyers and casual visitors into repeat shoppers. You got them through the door when they clicked on your Magento store, but now it’s time to get them through the checkout and back again for more. (It even rhymes.)

First then, don’t spook out your Magento site visitors by overloading them with requests for info. You need their contact details, but you don’t need their shoe size (unless you’re a shoe shop). Stick to the minimal info you need to complete the sale. In tests, a reduction from 11 fields to 3 or 4 increased one shop’s online conversions by over 150%. That could be you if your required fields currently make the shopping experience feel like filling in a census.

Unless you’re really desperate, stock photos are not the way to go. For today’s canny e-consumers they just feel too cheesy and fake. Get decent photos of real life people and you’ll be far more relatable and worth taking a punt on. You don’t need your MD to look like Scarlett Johansson or Johnny Depp, you just need them to look like a good and friendly MD.

Call to action buttons should be clear. You’ll get more Magento conversions if your buttons spell out what they’re going to do rather than just mutter things like ‘next’ or ‘submit’. Phrases like ‘Create My Account’ or ‘Go to Checkout’ are powerful because there’s no confusion.

Video is great for ecommerce CRO, as well as SEO. Showing product instructions simplify things because many people find watching easier than reading, especially if they’re learning how to do something new. But don’t make the video too long, a couple of minutes is enough. And start the info quickly, rather than beginning with a theme tune and a lengthy personal introduction. They haven’t got all day.

Real life testimonials are useful ways to demonstrate you’re trustworthy and credible – not just one-liner quips from fake reviewers, but impressive names and authorities endorsing your brand. It’s a great way to tip the balance for the new Magento ecommerce website shopper who was wondering whether to take the plunge or go elsewhere. That’s what CRO is all about.