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Common Amazon Seller Mistakes To Avoid

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted July 18, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Amazon in the region of a quarter of a million users, so selling your products and wares through the platform can be a great option for many businesses and individuals. This notion is reinforced by the fact that 100,000 new eCommerce sellers sign up to Amazon annually.

There’s a little blip in these figures though, and that is that a portion of those who sign up to Amazon part ways within the first 6 months of trading. Frequently it is seen that this failure to remain in cahoots with Amazon is for several reasons that have the potential to be avoided. But we are going to look at how you can avoid these issues and hopefully get your business thriving on the eCommerce channel for a long time to come.

Living Up To Potential

Amazon retains its renowned reputation and its subsequent prevalent position in the eCommerce world by having expectations that are kept high. If you want to be a seller, you have to ensure you’re able to commit to the policies that guarantee you are able to match these expectations. Failure to sign up to these and adhere to them means you could be steering yourself on a collision course with unwanted issues.

To give you an example of the topic in the previous paragraph, we’ll use order fulfilment. Imagine you’re fresh on the scene in the UK eCommerce trader stakes, and you want some sound advice. The best thing people in the know can tell you is to be sure that a minimum of your first dozen Amazon order fulfilments is flawless in every aspect. Main checkoffs should include having the correct product, fast shipping and making sure that you have all the tracking data cross-checked, tapped in and updated if necessary. Why not cover your back and join Amazon’s programme ‘Fulfilment with Amazon’? This is a service that, for a small charge, can retain your entire inventory and have it picked, packed and delivered on your behalf. Ideal! It’s a slick, carefree option for anyone looking to take a weight off their minds and takes the pressure of being penalised for any failings that may, on the off chance, occur.

Going It Alone

If you’re perfectly happy and content with handling the fulfilment process yourself, it’s vital that you get pricing and inventory quantities spot on or otherwise you could be faced with huge quantities of worldwide orders for the wrongly-priced product that you only ever had a handful left of in the first place! Amazon will reprimand any eCommerce seller who falters in any of the aforementioned areas, so be safe, and be sure!

Don’t forget that you need to collect feedback from your buyers to achieve your Amazon sellers’ policy. Set yourself up with services such as Feedback Genius or Feedback Five as these are a source of idyllic assistance in this area. Stay on top of enquiries too; you have no more than 24 hours to get in touch with someone or there are consequences. Set yourself up with a service like ReplyManager, for example, and this will handle things for you.

Before You Go…

Last of all, if you link to existing product listings, then don’t forget to check that your product is an exact match. Amazon’s tolerance levels for ecommerce businesses that use wrong product descriptions is extremely minimal. Offer high standards and excellent customer experience for users and you’ll reap the benefits all round. All the best ecommerce sites do it!