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Clothes Now The Biggest Selling Category For eCommerce In The US

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted April 4, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It goes without saying that clothing and accessories have always been a solid seller for eCommerce businesses. However, as of 2015, it’s been confirmed that this sector is the highest-selling category in the US for online sales, a new report by analytics firm comScore has revealed.

The proof is in the pudding, with sales in clothing and accessories outselling computer hardware sales in three of four quarters last year, meaning that apparel has surpassed the previous long-time leader in online sales. The figures include both desktop eCommerce and mCommerce, which comScore says was one of the main contributors to clothes taking the top spot.

Adam Lella, a senior analyst at comScore recently said: “The Apparel category is experiencing faster growth than Computers, largely due to buying on mobile.”

“mCommerce is where most of the digital commerce growth is happening in retail overall, and people are more likely to purchase less expensive, less complex products on mobile (e.g. Apparel) than they are to buy computer products,” Lella added.

Lella went on to explain that, at the same time, the growth of computer sales has reduced in recent years due to the fact that more shoppers are opting to use smartphones as their main option, like a small computer.

Not ones to ever fall behind the competition, Amazon has already been on top of the trend and is fully capitalising on the swing in developments. A report confirmed that last year, Amazon’s sales of apparel were outpacing those of electronics and non-apparel items, and forecast that Amazon would soon top leading retailers Macy’s as the largest clothing retailer in the US. Furthering their commitment to boosting sales, Amazon has been progressively investing money into building its fashion presence online.

The study has stated that one thing is for sure in that any clothing retailer with a mobile site stands to benefit, particularly as more Americans shop for clothing to cure their boredom.

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