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Changing Customer Engagement Due To The Mobile Shopping Mindset

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted November 3, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Human psychology changes our environment and our lifestyle. Take mobile devices. Ever since we had mobile phones in our pockets, the way we live our lives has shifted considerably. The very types of thoughts that cross our minds from moment to moment have altered since the days when the latest status update on your very best friend wouldn’t happen until after Grange Hill was over and you’d had your tea. Nowadays the frequent compulsion to stop everything and check your phone urgently is woven into the fabric of everyday existence. That means so many more chances to engage with your brand.

For the Magento store owner with her eye on success, it’s worth cashing in on that fact. With a bit of thought about your customer base, you can develop eCommerce strategies that help to weave your sales message into your customers’ lives with remarkably intuitive subtlety.

Imagine the target audience for your Magento site. Do you understand them well enough to know when they are most likely to check their mobile devices? Can you make an educated guess as to what motivations will cause them to start browsing and potentially buying at any given point during the day? If you do, you can design your sales message – words and graphics – to appeal to that motivation and to help engage with the moment. What you’re looking to project is ease of interaction. Show your potential customer you understand where they’re at just at that minute, and you’ll be more likely to persuade them to buy into your brand.

The more expensive part of the process is to make sure the platforms you offer are designed intuitively and that your technology really can deliver what you promise. Spend some time looking at the analytics to find out how to fine-tune your performance and see where you can make improvements. That way you’ll be ready to say ‘How can I help you?’ whenever the thought crosses your customer’s mind.