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Cart To Conversion… Where Are We Going Wrong?

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted October 28, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Abandoned trolleys are one of the sad facts of everyday life in eCommerce. It takes all that effort to attract customers to your Magento site and encourage them to place your shiny, beautiful items in their cart, and then just when it’s all going so well, there it is… the sound of crickets, an end to the conversation, and that sinking feeling that comes when you realise the checkout experience isn’t going to happen after all.

So, what is likely to have gone wrong? Well, the statistics tell us that the number one reason eCommerce customers don’t make it all the way through the door as paid-up customers is shipping costs. If at the last moment they discover that there’s a price to pay for delivery, that’s very often their cue to search elsewhere.

Did you know that many Magento UK customers would choose to pay more for an item to avoid paying extra for delivery? The lesson is that you need to get rid of those hidden extras altogether if you can, or at the very least, tell people at the outset that this will be the charge. Avoiding the nasty shock is a very good start.

If your site is optimised to cope with a range of devices, with a seamless cart memory that means the shopping can continue later in the day or a few days later, that’s definitely going to be a plus. Now and then customers will put the final transaction on hold for perfectly good reasons. Perhaps the postman just arrived, or their credit card needed searching for. Or maybe your customer needed to check with her sister’s neighbour exactly what colour the surprise present needed to be. Don’t abandon hope just because the items are still in the cart and not out through the door yet. Setting up a quiet Magento reminder in a week might be all that’s needed to nudge them back into the sale.

Finally, a tip that is always worth remembering. Keep the required details to a minimum. No one wants to get to check out on their mobile device and have to complete ten different boxes of text before they can leave with the item.