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Build Trust And Delight Customers To Improve Your eCommerce Results

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted February 2, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Let’s get your Magento store cooking on gas in 2015. If you’d made a new year’s resolution to improve things with your in-laws you’d pull out the stops to build trust and relationship, wouldn’t you? And so it is with your Magento Store customer base. This is the moment to show them that despite any rumours to the contrary you are a nice person and you care about those who buy from you.

Make a fabulous first impression to new visitors. Have you given much thought lately to the landing page new customers are faced with when they first arrive at your store? You’d better make sure it says all the right things about you. Make it smile 😉

Another good idea is clearing the decks for a straightforward and simple way through to the help desk of your Magento store. Make support options really clear and accessible even before help is needed, and create a quick and easy way through by asking customers at the outset whether they have basic questions, or need technical support or have a sales issue. You could even offer some helpful hints or well-written FAQs to give them something friendly and you-related to chew over in the meantime.

Some businesses nowadays offer the opportunity for customers to choose the music they listen to while they’re on hold. But if your technology doesn’t quite extend to this, you can at least make sure you’re personable, quick, friendly, understanding and sincerely keen to meet their needs when they get through to you. If you use a ticketing system, it’s worth managing expectations by saying how long support takes on average.

Make sure your Magento store helpline number is easily discoverable by the search bots. What you really want is for Google to display it very quickly and easily, so ensure you or your techies use the right code for the job. With customer trust and rapport on your side, you’re far more likely to be seen as the go-to company for your product.

Basically, remember your eCommerce customers aren’t battery hens. They’re free range. (With iPads.)