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Build Anticipation For Your eCommerce Store Launch

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted July 14, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. KABOOM! Whatever we just launched, it was so much more exciting because of the anticipation, wasn’t it? So let’s translate that thought into some great new eCommerce strategy for your Magento Store.

First things first, you want to let social networks know what’s about to happen. It stands to reason that making the best use of your Facebook and Twitter profile will be good news for big eCommerce business. Make sure your profile is up to scratch and the photos you’re using are hitting the mark. When people come looking for you, you want them to be impressed not underwhelmed.

Build up a good following and you’ll have a crowd to make a noise about how great your eCommerce store is. It’s worth taking time and effort to achieve this. Some Magento store owners try for the quick fix and buy followers on a service like Fiverr, but be warned that this can backfire. Facebook has strict expectations about wanting real followers rather than fake ones.

Get yourself ready for some intensive email marketing – choose great templates, create well-crafted text and tighten up on aspects of your site like cart abandonment emails. That way you’ll be ready to give all the right messages and keep the customers feeling you’re a brand they can trust. While you’re at it, definitely give your landing page a once-over to check it’s doing its job. Software like Unbounce and LaunchRock can be a big help with this.

Think about offering discounts and promotions to reel in new business with the big launch. Free shipping is a good idea; a tried and tested way to ensure your customers stay on board rather than ditching their trollies at the last moment.

So there you have some great suggestions for making sure your product launch is everything you hope it will be. Remember that you don’t want to have to try dragging visitors back for a second try in the future because you missed something obvious, so get your store launch right first time.