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Brands Are Now Using Digital Marketing To Reach The Older Generation… But How?

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 25, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It’s no longer the case that the older generation isn’t involved in digital technologies. In the past, it might have been true to say that the young are the demographic who respond to that kind of targeted Magento eCommerce marketing. But increasingly, the internet, smartphone and tablet technologies are being taken up by people who didn’t grow up using those ways to shop.

Some of the ways you could be using digital marketing in eCommerce are to remember some of the same guidelines you would use with younger clients:

Aspirational images are effective, but it’s important to understand what is aspirational for the market you’re aiming at. It’s worth thinking about models who represent the age-range of your Magento customer base so that they feel they are buying into a brand that really gets who they want to be, as well as who they are.

Another way is to remember the era that was aspirational for them. The cutting-edge fashion of today might not hit the spot for some of your older clients, but consider the era when they were young and choose some elements that hint in that direction.

Think about accessibility – the size of the font, amount of reading necessary, and ease of journey through to your Magento checkout. Make these things accessible and you’re far more likely to secure that sale rather than losing it to someone who makes your customer’s life a bit easier.

Make sure your site is optimised for digital devices and that you don’t need too much information input to get an eCommerce sale. Making digital shopping simple and straightforward is a great way to encourage the older generation to respond to your brand.

Be a source of reassurance but don’t talk down to your eCommerce customers. It can be good to provide some guidance and input to empower client but don’t use it to remind them of their ageing faculties.

Take steps to make sure your digital marketing is inclusive and accessible, and you’ll definitely increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign with the older generation.