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Brand Your eCommerce Store The Right Way

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted March 24, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Branding is different to marketing. Marketing strategy gives your products or services direction and a focus, by making the most of current market conditions and opportunities. Branding comes before that. It’s about giving your Magento store the very essence of its personality and ethos. Branding is an exciting process, but a challenging one that needs you to be clear about your motivations, ambitions and raisons d’etre for getting into eCommerce in the first place.

Why did you decide to start out in business? Was it because you had a great idea that you wanted to share with the world? Was it because you saw a gap in the market for something you felt passionate about? Yes, there will always be financial reasons for being there, but what’s the human story that captures the heart and soul of your joy and energy for online trading? A story matters because it gives the purchasing public something to hold onto, to get to know and to buy into.

Ask yourself what matters to you about the eCommerce products or services you’re selling, and what problem you hope they’ll solve in the world. All these questions will contribute to building an effective brand that communicates strong values, integrity and passion for what you do.

Next, you need to consider the personality you would like your brand to project and the type of voice it needs to use. Remember that you’ll want to stick with whatever you decide in all your campaigns, correspondence and in the tone of your site design. So would you prefer your Magento brand to come across as formal and elite, or down-to-earth? Do you want to inject some humour and clever thinking, or is this about keeping your eCommerce brand plain and simple throughout. Whichever voice you choose, your customers will expect ongoing consistency in order to keep believing in your message.

Also think about your brand culture and values – those guiding principles that you want your brand to stand for, and the images and associations you would like the public to have in mind whenever they think of your eCommerce brand.

Take those first branding steps and then you’ll be ready to move into the marketing stage: define a mission statement and the main target audience, and so the best strategies to get your Magento brand on the up and up.