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Brand Content That Engages

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted September 21, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

In the old days, when the public was less canny about how to create eCommerce website advertising, branded content really got their attention. Advertisements that screamed and shouted about the latest trends would actually guide people towards their buying decisions.

Nowadays, bombarded from every screen, billboard and audio speaker with eCommerce marketing messages, contemporary audiences are adept at picking and choosing what they want to receive in the way of marketing messages. Time is precious, and attention spans short, so you can bet your Christmas bonus that your customers won’t spend the precious minutes you’d like reading your blurb or watching your ad – unless, that is, there’s a tangible payoff for them in terms of entertainment value. (It could be educational too, but everyone’s happy to spend a moment on something entertaining).

There is an age-old way to engage your audience that still works and isn’t rocket science to achieve: storytelling. Following a story through from one mini-cliffhanger to the next is a great way to get your customer base engaging in your brand. This isn’t a new idea. Think back to the Nescafe or the Bisto Gravy ads on TV that followed through a timeline of increased emotional engagement. What really makes the impact is the fact that the eCommerce audience supplies their own details to the narrative, becoming co-creators by supplying backstories from their own life experience, and so at some level even placing themselves or people they know into the cast list.

Take storytelling one step further into genuine stories, and you’ve hit the jackpot. 79% of customers surveyed say brands need to be more genuine. 46% felt that an aspirational brand is like meeting someone fun and interesting at a party. That’s why branding on your Magento site needs to be designed to come across like the interaction with a real human being, not subjecting the audience to a barrage of old fashioned advertising soundbites.