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Bournemouth Beats London As UK Fastest Growing Digital Economy

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted September 27, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Move over London, because the South coast of England is fast becoming a major player in the UK’s digital economy. It’s true. Recent statistics show that nearly three-quarters of digital businesses are now located outside of London, and powering ahead of the other technological hotspots of Liverpool and Brighton, the top town city for digital business growth and development is… wait for it… Bournemouth.

Between the years of 2010 and 2013, the stats show that Bournemouth’s start-up success rose by over 200%, making it top of the league in terms of fast-growing cities in the digital economy. This trend looks set to continue.

Part of Bournemouth’s technology success story is the healthy relationship that exists between the city’s digital employers, and its very popular university. The digital technology departments in the uni supply the dynamic digital agencies in Bournemouth with a readymade trained, readymade workforce on its doorstep, especially in industries such as gaming and marketing.

And it’s not just Bournemouth. The UK is brimming with new talent and business opportunities, and other cities are also overtaking London in the digital economic revolution. If you’re just looking purely at the finances and the speed of growth in turnover, Manchester, Belfast and Sheffield still beat the nation’s capital, with South Wales coming in at the fifth position. London’s growth in digital revenue is a mere 42%, whereas Manchester is seeing an annual rise of nearly 75%.

It’s no surprise that by far most of the businesses related to these figures are small businesses. After all, the technological advances that have made it possible for companies outside of London to grow at this rate are innovative and prime territory for development. Of course, London remains the top digital employer in terms of jobs, with Bristol the next in line, and Manchester the third employer of technology workers.

If you’re looking for online expertise, it’s worth considering a digital agency in Bournemouth, such as ours, to save you trekking all the way to London. And if you’re considering training in the field, Bournemouth University could be the top of the tree in terms of places to train!