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Basics Of eCommerce Branding

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted February 9, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You know how it goes. You wake up to a smooth, rich Nescafe or a steaming Tetleys, check your iPhone, maybe go off for a McDonalds brunch, come back and give the carpet a quick Hoover – okay, maybe not the typical morning agenda for the average eCommerce store owner, but you get the drift. Brand names dominate in today’s market, and you’d better do your best to learn from the market leaders if you want to make sure your innovative brand of magnetic biros ultimately leads to all magnetic biros users in future reaching generically for a Magnescribe.

Here are some tips. First, have a strong idea of what you’re about as a brand. What’s the story or the mission that first got you trading? From that, you should come up with a logo and visual branding that’s professional, in tune with the tone and style of your eCommerce business and memorable. It’s really important to ensure that the visual branding is kept consistent across the board, from web design to letterheads, and make certain it’s integrated across all the various social media platforms you’re using.

Consider what your major selling points are. Are you solving a problem for the first time, improving on all similar products that have come before, or appealing to eCommerce customers through personalisation options or brand loyalty aspirations? Maybe your source materials are organic or come from somewhere local and familiar, or distant and exotic. Make a fuss about these features in your web design so that you don’t just to have to resort to stamping SALE banners everywhere.

Think about customer conceptions of your brand – both your loyal customer base and those potential customers who you’d like to get on board. Find out the word on the street from social media. Engage with existing clients to solve problems and demonstrate that you care about real people. Make it cool to be seen loving your brand.

Finally, don’t be overwhelmed by the seeming monopoly of existing brands. People and culture changes continually and what works for some businesses at the moment will soon need updating. Stay in touch with customer trends and demands in your eCommerce web design and keep ahead of the game.