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Argos Makes History As First UK Multichannel Retailer To Achieve £1bn In Sales Through mCommerce

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted July 27, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Argos has been successful in becoming the first ever UK multichannel retailer to hit the pinnacle that is £1bn of mCommerce revenue in a year.

Bertrand Bodson, who is the Home Retail chief digital officer for Argos, recently said: “We have seen astonishing growth in m-commerce in the past three years. At Argos, we recognised this trend early on and invested in agile teams focused on optimising apps that work for customers.”

The £1bn barrier was broken in Argos’s year to February 28, recording a sale growth through mobile (phone & tablet) of 38%. The figure encompasses sales that originate on mobile devices, inclusive of the retailer’s check and reserve sales and home delivery sales too.

Bodson said: “The true value of mobile is as a connector between the virtual and the physical world. Our customers like to shop cross-channel and 90% of purchases touch a store, with 35% using the convenience of check and reserve.

“It also works in reverse, with the new in-store browsers giving a real sense of the digital experience and encouraging them to try it.”

At present, Argos is outperforming one of their major rivals in John Lewis as far as mcommerce sales are concerned, putting them at the forefront of multichannel mobile sales in the UK.

Argos is another representation of how having good mcommerce is effective for sales as a whole, something that we encourage all of our Magento mobile customers to look into.