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Are You Preparing for the Holiday Rush? Take A Look At The 4 P’s For Top eCommerce Engagement.

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 29, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

The holiday season is fast approaching, sorry for those people who are still trying to hold on to summer but when you’re running an eCommerce store you will know that plans are already way under way for the Christmas period.

During the seasonal months, retailers will see between 29 and 59 more customers to their stores, this percentage is even greater for holiday sensitive retail categories like apparel and also electronics. In order to put this into perspective, an average period of just two months should ideally see a stores percentage of new customers go up 16.6%.

In order to take full advantage of this customer acquisition opportunity, merchants must play their cards correctly. They must always be focusing on the customer and let it be the centre of all their efforts. Here is a list of the four P’s of eCommerce Engagement:


When it comes to promotion especially for the holiday season the competition gets harder each year, companies getting more imaginative with promoting their products. If you want to stand out the best you can do is to think outside the box and to consider different methods of promotion beyond price. Attracting offers can include bundling complementary products in order to support up to the cross-selling during the gift-giving season.


In order to distinguish the best of the best retailers, it all comes down to a more personalised shopping experience, especially for the Christmas season. Find a niche and unconventional way to connect with your customers based on what they have shared with you before. Just adding in straightforward touches such as personalised subject lines will offer a warm and welcoming approach and gain you some all important engagement points. Other Helpful ways to engage on the more personal level is to include presenting relevant offers based on their previous purchase history and identifying your shoppers by name across all their stages of the shopping journey.


When it comes to presentation focus on way to excite shoppers with uniquely special browsing experiences compared to what they have all seen and used before. On your shop’s website why not recreate the holiday spirit previously relegated to the physical shopping centre environment. Strategically place relevant visual touches that hearken the holiday spirit of the traditional in-store shopping experience, also maybe consider implements browsing, researching and purchasing more fluid for the shopper too.


Payment is all about ensuring a simple checkout process this means eliminate barriers to purchase. Create and support conversion-based behavioural patterns with more of a focus on copy and navigational experience. Mitigating barriers to conversion, such as providing checkout without creating an account, help avoid missed opportunities and an unfriendly user experience. Keep customers engaged and uninterrupted by avoiding any redirects or additional pop ups. You can even Include a special countdown with offers or availability which will also support shopper urgency.