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Another Social Platform Is Launching Job Opening Posts: Should LinkedIn Be Worried?

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 22, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Let’s say if someone asks you to name a professional social media platform, LinkedIn will probably be the most likely option. However, that might be all about to change.

Facebook is currently the biggest social platform with 1.9 billion users worldwide and they have just announced they are introducing new job features, including job opening posts which will give applicants the ability to post and apply from the platform.

Sounds interesting right?

Facebook has been testing this new feature since November last year but now have been officially rolling out job opening posts on business pages. At the moment these have only been tried and tested over in the USA and Canada but if proven popular it won’t be long until the feature heads over to us too.

So how does it work?

If you are wanting to tap into Facebook Job posts and use them to recruit any new talents, all you will need to do is create a job posting where all that’s required is to write an intro, upload a photo and provide some basic information such as:

  • Job Title
  • Details
  • Salary
  • Type

As soon as the job listing is posted it will expire in 30 days and will appear in the jobs tab on their business page. From the listing, there will be an ‘Apply Now’ button where users will be able to open up a standard application form and apply for the job there and then.

This new development will help put Facebook on the map for job search and it will also solve problems brands have of hiring people and will have a new reason to drive more traffic to their business page!

Now that Facebook is entering the more professional side of things will it be the end for LinkedIn? For now no!

The two won’t be functioning in the same way and will attract different types of job seekers, LinkedIn uses a more professional job recruiting network and overall attracts medium – high skilled individuals. Facebook, on the other hand, will work best for lower skilled individuals and part time workers for school and college students who will most likely stumble across the job posts scrolling through their news feed.

Another big difference is that LinkedIn is built to showcase an individual’s professional side this includes their achievements, previously held positions and skills, where as Facebook, on the other hand, focuses a lot more on the personal and social side of things. This might be a downfall for Facebook and some people might not want a potential employer to see all their personal information and family photos before even meeting.

So after learning all of this, it’s clear to see that for Facebook it’s a learning process as they have just started this more professional side of things, but time will tell if their popularity rises enough to overtake LinkedIn.

Looking at the rate and direction that Facebook is going the likelihood of this happening is looking very promising for the biggest social platform on the planet.