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Amazon Go: Is The World Ready For It?

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted April 7, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Imagine a grocery shop with no checkouts, no waiting in line, and using a mobile device to pay for your shopping, just like any other online sale. That’s what Amazon is looking towards, with the idea of having physical stores that rely on eCommerce technology, for ease, convenient, and smoother transactions.

Love it or hate it as an idea, it’s the kind of thing that is in the pipeline. It’s the way things seem to be headed, but of course, it’s going to have a big impact on the retail industry. That’s why research has been carried out in the United States to find out what real people felt about the option to have a digital commerce powered grocery store.

The research shows that about a quarter of customers would be happy to pay extra for the privilege of not having to stand in a checkout queue. Nearly 85% suggested the experience of buying groceries would be likely to be more enjoyable in an Amazon Go store. However, a fifth of those surveyed said that they felt something significant would be missing if they shopped in this way, and many people over 55 said they wouldn’t be interested in visiting an Amazon Go store even if there was one nearby.
Regarding brands, one interesting finding of the research was that only a small percentage of those surveyed said that they would be averse to using Amazon Go if their favourite brands weren’t in stock. In fact, a third said that they’d be happy to settle for other brands, and three-quarters weren’t bothered at all by the idea of not finding their favourite brands.

Over 85% of those surveyed mentioned packaging and design as a strong factor in their choice of purchases – things like clear labels, strong messages, and discounts,

How these survey results would differ for UK consumers is not clear, but as retailers look for smoother ways to sell their goods and research is done to find out the response to innovation, there are a few lessons we can learn: Consumers like convenience, streamlining, bold messages, easy access and bargains. Perhaps those factors aren’t so surprising after all!


Social media image courtesy of ActuaLitté under Creative Commons.