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Alibaba Unveils The World’s First ‘Connected’ Internet Car

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted July 12, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba unveiled their RX5 vehicle that offers customers a connected car which has been in the making for in excess of two years and now it’s set to go on sale next month.

The RX5 offers owners the latest version of Alibaba’s Yun Operating System, which users can take advantage of by connecting through various digital devices, such as smartphones and watches. The system works through the cloud and will allow drivers the access to an “intelligent map”, meaning that sub-mapping will give the drivers the help they need to get to their destination, even if the GPS or Wi-Fi drops out.

Adding to the features are the personalised audio greetings upon entering the car, as well as having access to the use of Alipay to fill up for fuel or to pay for a parking space.

Furthering the offerings of features that are sure to entice many a tech-geek and eCommerce-lover alike, is the fact that Alibaba has stated it has a desire to open YunOS to third parties, such as communicating with smart home devices to let customers turn them on and off from the car. Cool, huh?

It has been claimed that connected cars are becoming increasingly popular and are set to continue to gain share in the auto market in the coming months and years ahead. Experts have anticipated around 381 million connected cars to be on the roads in the next five years, a figure that would represent an overwhelming 82% of all vehicles shipped in each year. When will we see a Magento eCommerce platform in a future car, we wonder?

Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Chief Executive said: “Humans have made machines more intelligent in the past few decades. What we hope to achieve in the coming decades is to inject machines with human wisdom.”

He added: “Just as software programs have made the phone smarter today, YunOS will make cars an even more indispensable part of human life in the future society. Today marks the dawn of that new era. We feel proud and privileged to be playing a part in driving that change.”