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Advantages Of SagePay Over PayPal For Your Card Payments

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted September 5, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

If you are looking to take secure card payments online then you have 2 basic options.

An all in one service such as PayPal will let you take payments into a PayPal account, which you are then able to transfer it over to your own bank. Or you can have an internet payment gateway provider such as SagePay which works alongside a merchant account, normally provided by your bank although SagePay does also offer merchant accounts.

Protx was bought by Sage and got rebranded as SagePay, gaining the advantage of Sage’s Reputation as a business supplier with its accounting software. SagePay is also recognised by all major banks and credit card companies, providing a completely secure service that protects your customers and your liability.

The SagePay logo also generates more trust in online shoppers. PayPal is easy to set up and it’s that fact it’s more often associated with amatuer and smaller businesses. A lot of shoppers also will assume (wrongly) that they will need PayPal in order to pay a shop that uses PayPal. SagePay required customers to get through the stringent application for a merchant account, which shows that their customers are generally more well-established.

Although they are not the only payment gateway to provide a virtual terminal, SagePay’s online access will let you process any manual payments and refunds without the cost of renting a physical card terminal.

SagePay also allows you to customise each and every stage of the customer’s process, either by using a ‘frame’ of the SagePay form in your own website or customising the pages on their websites in order to match your brand. You are also able to customise graphic emails whether you want to reassure customers that they are using a secure site or to keep everything seamless within your brand.

So many eCommerce websites are now integrated with SagePay, this is because it’s easier than most providers and also have experience with various options to fulfil payments. Unlike PayPal, the checkout information is send from the website to SagePay in an encrypted form so it can’t be altered to provide false prices. When an order is confirmed, the user is sent back to the website so that it’s able to process the order fully.