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Adidas Looks To The Average User To Promote Its New mCommerce App

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted December 5, 2016
  • 4 minutes Read Time

The money in promotion is big because sales are the goal and its an undeniably huge business. Promoting the launch of a new product or service for your brand effectively is essential, even when you’re one of the most well-recognised labels on the planet, and Adidas is no different.

Bring in the rap stars, the footballing elite and a handful of the coolest people you can think of and you have some of the greatest influencers to help form that buzz and demand desired to get consumers chomping at the bit for your next unveiling. Adidas is one of those brands who know just how to work this influencer magic, something they’ve spent years perfecting, and with enviable technique, they curate an influencer network that brings sales.

So when Adidas announced their most recent product – an mCommerce app – is it the same drill of signing up the stars to help influence sales, or not? Well, interestingly, it would appear that there is a different approach for the German giants. They are trying to see past the notion that brand influencers have to be celebrities and instead are treating everyone who buys their latest Glitch boots as the brand influencers that used to be reserved for world superstars such as Lionel Messi.

Here’s What The App Is For And How Will It Work

The newest release from Adidas will rely solely on those who use the mCommerce app to expand its popularity. Much like the original Uber model, only those with a unique code can make purchases and pass on their referral. Because of this, users are handed the power to decide how quickly and how big the community grows within the app. Much like many businesses, Adidas has said that there will be a reward system for users who do bring in new customers. This kind of incentive for users to use word of mouth marketing to spread product awareness is an intelligent strategy in today’s world of technology. Not only are Adidas saving millions by not having to pay big names to promote their product for sales, they are setting a new precedent, showing that the less-is-more approach gets the same results. By obtaining one of the codes, and having the power to share it with people, consumers create that buzz and allure that will make the product be seen as rare.

Here’s How The Plan For Growth Works

The boots are interchangeable and users can create custom designs to suit their style of play among other features, so, much like the boots, Adidas anticipates that the app will alter and advance given time as a result of feedback from customers.

The new app functions similarly to the way a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy does, with Adidas aiming to form hyper-local communities in cities all over the globe, a technique that was trialled during this year’s UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. Adidas will keep a keen eye on its progression and developments, such as demand, response, and of course its popularity in terms of this relatively new idea of the influencer technique, with the view that results could eventually form marketing strategies for the brand for the foreseeable future.

Additional Plans

Adidas is not giving up on celebrity endorsements altogether and they will continue to use their established celebrity influencers in other areas of advertising, for example, the #NeverFollow campaign. The campaign began 12 months ago and achieved worldwide attention thanks to its use of football stars like Paul Pogba and NBA’s James Harden.

But with the mCommerce app in mind, Adidas is shining the light on its consumers, allowing them to become the advocates for the product as they leave a trail of interest and intrigue in their wake and all devoid of the big names.

Obviously, this isn’t a strategy that any digital eCommerce shops could adopt as Adidas’ reputation is set in stone, which allows them the added reassurance that consumers are buoyed in the knowledge of obtaining high-value products when buying.

Final Word

Whatever happens, the digital world, and not just the big brands, will be keeping a keen eye on the developments over at Adidas to see how their mCommerce app strategy works out; this new strategy by Adidas could shape the way promotion is approached by all companies, with the notion that less is more and celebrity endorsement isn’t always required to sell a product.