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A Blend Of mCommerce And Physical Stores Is What Millennials Are After

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted April 18, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The high-maintenance world of the millennial means brands are being required to offer high-quality mobile shopping experiences, as well as physical store options for all their consumer needs, experts have established.

Managing director of Accenture’s UK Retail practice, Matt Prebble, recently stated that millennials have a greater interest in visiting and intermingling with the physical store than other previous generations.

“I think that’s because they’ve come naturally into eCommerce and digital channels as a way to shop,” said Prebble. “In some ways, they only really visited stores when they had to and it’s now a novelty factor around physical shopping. So there’s an opportunity for retailers to reinvent the whole store environment.”

Prebble also pointed out the fact that the time people used to refer to as ‘the future of the store’ is over because it is not the future, it’s now.

“We used to talk about the store of the future and the technology which was coming next, but actually that future we used to talk about it now. You can now start to knit these [technologies] together to provide experiences to consumers that haven’t been possible before.”

Prebble noted that we need to start looking at establishing a polarisation of retail into three camps, where retailers will either be recognised for their fulfilment methods, the products they produce, or the experience they provide customers.

He went on to say: “If you’re not one of those things, which many retailers aren’t, you’ll get squeezed in the middle when actually our commerce everywhere is truly happening and that’s a risk to a lot of retailers.”

This is some sound advice for the future of eCommerce and making sure our Magento eCommerce platforms are optimised for the current trends, but as we know, things can change in a heartbeat so it’s good to be prepared. And what better way to be prepared than working from a Magento hosting site?