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7 Tips For The Online Shopping Novice To Shop Like A Pro

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted February 21, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Have you been relying on the high-street stores alone, in the past, when it comes to retail shopping? eCommerce and mCommerce is now the main driving force and opens up a whole new world for the online shopper to get the job done.

If you have previously been put off by the worry of internet safety and you want to make sure you are covered when it comes to all the essentials, then we can help to put your mind at rest. The internet is a great place for all your shopping needs, so make the experience as pleasurable as possible with our seven tips to online shopping like a pro!

Secure Your Network

Chances are good that you’ve got a home wireless network, broadcasting a connection for laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi-aware devices. But that same handy wireless network could provide an entry point for a passing war-driver (or a sleazy neighbour) to weasel into your network and compromise security. Take steps to secure your wireless network before doing any online shopping.

Get Protected

One of the first things you want to ensure is that you have powerful, effective security installed on your computer, either an antivirus or a full security suite. These can be downloaded for free, alternatively, you can buy more comprehensive options online, such as MacAfee. Don’t get stuck in the shopping until you’ve secured your device as it’ll be an awful shame if you come unstuck due to not being protected.

Shop From The Sofa

There is a host of experts in the field who cite that shopping from a mobile device offers safer venues for shopping than from a laptop or desktop. They point to the fact that popular shopping sites have their own apps, so this prevents transactions being compromised. We would argue that if you’re protected then you should have no worries using either mCommerce or eCommerce to do your buying. So, get comfy on the sofa and get ticking off that list of things you need to buy!

Your Browser Can Assist

Fear not, you don’t have to concern yourself with needing to know whether the page you’re visiting is fraudulent or not, and that’s because your browser can be your sidekick who helps you out. For Google Chrome, you can ‘Enable phishing and malware protection; for Internet Explorer, turn on the SmartScreen filter and you should ‘Block reported web forgeries’ if you are browsing with Firefox. And for anyone using Opera, check the ‘Enable Fraud Prevention option.’

Avoid Saving Your Personal Details

Most shopping sites will offer to make your life easier by creating an account, so you don’t have to fill in your address, credit card, and such next time you visit. We’re not saying you shouldn’t do this, but you should be careful which sites you leave your information on. If it’s not a site you know and trust then just skip the process, you might never need to shop with them again so you’d only be wasting five minutes of your time anyway!

Obviously, you are going to have to put your address and billing information in to complete a transaction but don’t fill in any of the fields unless they are totally necessary. If the site requests that you enter highly sensitive information such as your bank account number, go and empty your cart, clear the transaction, and find a different shop to buy from. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Fall Foul Of Frauds

Although you’re protected and your security software should pick up on it, it is still possible to get caught out. This is why you should look for websites that operate using an HTTPS at the start of their URL. Don’t get sucked into clicking on links that are sent to you via email that you don’t recognise, and if you run across an offer that seems too good to be true, use your common sense the same as you would if you saw it on the high street and avoid it, as it almost certainly isn’t true.

Stick To A Credit Card

You might think that using a credit card and a debit card is just the same online, but should the merchant send you faulty goods, or it doesn’t get delivered, for example, then by using a credit card you are covered by their protection that you don’t get from a debit card.

Magento eCommerce and eCommerce platform shopping really is great and so, so convenient, so don’t be put off by the things we’ve talked about in this feature, just be aware of the risks and shop wisely. Simply stay alert, remember our handy tips, and enjoy shopping online, safely!