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7 Hacks In Order To Boost Your eCommerce Return On Investment

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted November 7, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Investment is a solid way to grow your eCommerce business, but if you’re going to invest, you want great returns. Here are some tips to help maximise your ROI and get the most out of everything you put in.

First, you’ve heard that Content is King? Even if you haven’t got that bumper sticker, the point is that quality content for your site is always going to be a great investment. Not just any content, but quality content creation is a tried and tested a way to boost ROI. You want sharp and aspirational graphics, and rich, readable, relevant copywriting that speaks your language. Engage your audience and they’ll stick around to find out what you’re selling. Grab their hearts as well as their attention and they’ll buy into your brand. Consider the kind of problems your customer demographic is looking to solve and let your content explain how your products and services are exactly the solutions they’ve been looking for. Make it shareable, snappy and interesting. Job done.


Video is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing.

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Video is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing. Interacting with people and products allows customers to get a virtual feel for your brand, in ways that engender trust and insight. You only need around a minute of video. Only invest in a longer clip if you really need those extra seconds to drive your point home. Edit if you need to. No one wants the extended version.

Optimise your marketing campaigns to reach the right potential customers with the right message. Remember that anyone who has already bought from you is worth their weight in gold when it comes to further selling. It costs far more to invest in finding new customers than it does to sell to ones who have already demonstrated they like what you’re selling. Look after your existing customer base and recognise the value of their loyalty.

Make the most of social media. If your customers like your product and say so, you have that all-important ‘social proof.’ So find the places that your potential customers are hanging out online and get involved in the conversation. Investment in social media needs to focus on your target market, not the whole wide world.

Use these kind of approaches to maximising your investment and you’ll find you end up getting back more than you put in. And that’s the point.