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The 6 Reasons Why Magento Is The Best eCommerce Platform Out There

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 1, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

We’re always talking about the many reasons we love Magento, but we know there are a few eCommerce management systems out there, so you might be wondering what makes Magento so special. No problem. Here are 6 reasons to pick Magento as the platform for your online store.

It’s Free

First off, at a basic level, it’s also free to use. You can dip your toe in the water and discover for yourself whether it suits you.

It’s Open Source

It’s open source, and that means Magento benefits from a proactive community that is always researching improvements and finding ways around problems that real life users are encountering. Plug-ins are continually being developed and tweaked to allow the platform to be customised to suit stores just like yours. Your niche in the marketplace might be specialised, but somewhere out there someone is probably already developing the improvements and hacks that will make Magento perfect for you.

Mobile Compatible

Another reason to go for Magento is that it is really at home in a mobile world. As we know, a huge percentage of purchases happen on mobile devices these days, and that market share is set to increase. Magento is perfect to cash in on this trend because it’s a platform that’s designed for mobile selling.


Reason number four is that good SEO is a breeze with Magento. To get the rankings your business needs, optimisation is a must, and Magento comes with features that do that job for you.

Multiple Stores

Do you have more than one online eCommerce business? The great news is Magento allows you to streamline your hosting behind the scenes, even if each store looks and feels entirely different to the customer.


And at number six, the final reason we reckon Magento is a good bet for eCommerce is that the usability for customers is impressive. The conceptual leap from a brick and mortar store to a screen-based one is so much easier when it’s intuitive and slick, and Magento offers just that.

When you put all these factors together, and more besides, Magento is a powerful tool for online sellers, with plenty of support for newcomers and masses of scope for developers looking to push boundaries and make waves. It is easy to access if you haven’t sold online before, and it upscales easily when your business figures start to soar.

Looking for an eCommerce platform? It’s Magento.