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6 Factors To Finding Success With Your Social Media Campaign

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted March 14, 2016
  • 4 minutes Read Time

It’s best to start by saying that every social media campaign will differ, depending on a number of factors. You’ll be able to define the ideal way to market yourself with these tips, so by knowing the basic building blocks we have for in this feature, you will get the full effect of your social media initiatives, which will, of course, help your business. Get stuck into our essential points that will see your social media promotion find success and see how you get on:

Set Clear Goals

Ensuring that you have laid out some clear goals prior to launching a campaign is essential. This will assist in the process of keeping track of things as well as defining points that you feel need more attention. Centring your efforts around specific goals will give you the direction in which to focus your energy.

Concrete Calendars

Ask anyone worth their salt in terms of marketing strategy and they will tell you that the foundation of a good social media campaign is a concrete editorial and plan calendar. Having the ability to be able to quickly reference tasks and significant dates on the horizon means you’re able to stay on top of things, and with good organisation the rest follows with little stress. You’ll also be able to get involved with people interacting in your campaign and know ‘where you’re at’ with it all. The three main essentials you should work out are what related hashtags, content, and content messaging you want to be using.

Prize Choice

Making sure that you select the right prize for your social media campaign will instantly set the precedent for who is going to interact with your promotion. It’s rather obvious to say, but you’re going to attract whoever see the comp and fancies winning it, so take time to think what type of person you want to target. Think about an enticing, but not over the top prize, and stay on the brand in terms of your service or product. Go for smaller prizes that will then open up the chance for potential bigger prizes.

Free ‘Favours’

If you can get customers or influential people to help get your promotion boosted through social media, word of mouth, or any other promotion you can get them to engage with for you then you’ll be increasing the chances of spreading the word. Set up a promotional email that you can forward to all of your existing customer base, and take the time to contact a number of influencers, other brands, companies in your sector, and other Instagram/Facebook accounts etc., to be part of your campaign. You never know how the connection might help in the future, so networking is a good one to try for. It’ll be worth the push in the long run.


In today’s fast paced world, you need to be on top of your game to hold people’s attention with a promotion. Make sure your landing page is at the pinnacle of where it should be in terms of optimisation or you’ll lose interaction, interest and effectively waste the time and effort you’ve put into the campaign. Just bear in mind when you send a visitor to a landing page this is your chance to capture their interests, a time for the viewer to absorb all the information, and the conversion to be sealed. Having a Magento eCommerce website is one sure fire way to make sure you’re optimised, and having videos on the landing page is another as this forces people to stay longer, and can lead to increased conversions. Ensure there’s a clear headline, a short description about your offer and don’t forget a call to action too!

Be Prepared To Analyse And Learn

Whether you have run a campaign that absolutely skyrocketed on social media and people fell in love with, or you had a duff one that a handful of people took an interest in, it’s important to remember that you should measure and analyse each portion of every campaign from top to bottom. Essentially, this is where all the good prior planning comes in, and your objectives can be addressed and analysed. Pick out the strong elements that worked well, build on them, scrap the bits that didn’t work and look to change these for the better. No one’s perfect and it’s a learning experience each time.