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5 Instagram Business Tips Your Brand Needs

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted April 29, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Are you harnessing the powers of image sharing social media platform Instagram? If you’re not, then you should be, and if you are, but you want a little more help to drive your eCommerce potential even further then we have a few final best practices you can use to find success for your business:

Using Your Captions Wisely

As we’re sure you are aware, Instagram provides businesses and personal accounts with a visual social network, and as such, it’s often seen that people end up neglecting the caption, which can offer so much more than just a subtitle to the main image. The space reserved for your captions provides you with the opportunity to expand on the image, give it perspective and context, as well as the potential to raise a smile from your followers. So the next time you are uploading an image, give some thought to your caption, it could make all the difference.

The Exclusive Qualities Of Your Brand’s Audience

A good instance of what we mean in this point is that a builder’s merchants cannot just impersonate a Magento eCommerce specialists account, and then anticipate that they will gain popularity off the back of a successful brand. Take the time to define an audience that relates to your brand and what you are selling. By doing this you’ll be building an Instagram brand that really defines what you do, and will complement the services you offer.

Think About Hosting Competitions On Instagram

If you run an occasional competition on your Instagram account you can ask users to comment on your photo, share it, mention a certain number of friends, or even share their own photo with a specific hashtag. By doing this you are not only getting your own followers to engage with your posts, but you are also gaining the eye of potential followers too. The end goal, is, of course, to have these views and shares turn into transactions through the business, and by offering a prize you are saving yourself a great deal of time and cost because your followers are taking care of an element of marketing on your behalf. Give a small comp a go, track the analytics, then look at the benefits as well as the potential benefits for the future.

Think About Collaborating With A Known Name In Your Sector

If you think about how collaborating with someone who is well-known in your field, someone who is respected and will get people’s attention then why not give them control of your branded account for 24 hours? There is the scope for this to seriously pay off big as they have the potential to expose your brand to their hefty Instagram following.

Yes, there’s a chance that many big names or Instagram influencers will expect a tidy fee for this type of service, which is fine if you are a larger company. However, if you are a smaller and medium-sized business then it’s worth considering what the big local accounts/influencers can do for you. Don’t be afraid to aim big, but know your budget and have a clear plan as to why you want to collab with these people, a giveaway for example.

Instagram’s Advertising Programme

While this service is yet to be offered across the board to all brands, Instagram is increasingly widening the availability of its advertising platform. At this point, there have been impressive results being reported. A study in America, using more than 475 global campaigns saw that ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram was 2.9x higher than the norms from Nielsen, the American global information and measurement company’s norms for online advertising. This is certainly an element that any brand using Instagram as a platform should be considering the moment Instagram opens up its advertising options to each and every business.