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5 Essential Twitter Marketing Tips That Get You Noticed

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted May 23, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

If you are a keen purveyor of e-marketing or you are new to the game and want social media to help you every step of the way, it is essential you make use of the tools available to you and get them to do the hard work, leaving you to concentrate on other things. This is certainly not an option you’d have if you’re constantly worrying about how to use your social media channels to their full potential. Sound about right? Ok, let’s take a look and see how the Twitter platform can help you and your business. Similar to choosing the best eCommerce software for your business, you want the best outcome, and we’ve got some great tips on how Twitter can do this:

Using Hashtags Strategically

Using hashtags can make a significant difference as to whether your Tweet is exposed to people outside your immediate follow community or not. However, if you tag a topic that’s not trending, then it can be tricky to know exactly which hashtags to feature in your Tweets. Here’s where an online tool such as RiteTag can give you an insight into how many times a hashtag is getting Tweeted. From that information, you can then get an indication of how likely it is that your Tweet will be seen.

Tag Profiles In Images

Ok, so it might look like this is a pointless or small thing to be doing in terms of marketing, but it’s simple and can be very effective. Here’s why: You have the option to tag as many as 10 people in a Tweet image. Now if you take advantage of this option in a strategic manner it allows you to actually tag 10 additional accounts, and these accounts could have been the ones that were taking up your character count in your original Tweet. Now you’ve alerted all these other profiles to your post and boosted your chances of extra sales, interactions, CTR’s etc., what’s not to like?

You can also use the tagging tool to tag relevant celebrities, competition winners, or other profiles that fit into your brand genre.

Enhance Your Profile To Aid Discovery

Striking it right and having heavily retweeted posts is ideal, but we should always remember the people who will locate your profile of their own accord. It’s for these people that you have to ensure you’re clear and concise in regard to what it is you do for when people touch down on your profile. Think about having a good cover photo that ties into your latest campaign, never forget to feature your website URL, and put up a pinned post that includes a key message or link. A tidy little bio will also lend a hand because it will help you come up in searches on Twitter. Yes, a standout, unique bio is cool, but it’s not much good if it doesn’t help the Twittersphere to discover your profile. Essentially, intertwine some key industry terms, this will help people find you more easily.

Repeat Your Tweet

You might think you’re glued to social media (most of us seem to be these days) but let’s be honest, not everyone can be on Twitter all the time, and that goes for people who are looking at your Tweets too. So if one of your followers has missed a post, you shouldn’t be concerned about re-Tweeting it again several times. On average, your second post of a piece of content will receive 86 per cent as much engagement as the first time you sent the Tweet out. It’s worth considering where you add in your URL too, as studies have found that Tweets with URLs in the middle are 26 per cent more likely to get retweeted when compared with tweets with URLs placed at the end.

Find The Optimal Times For Your Audience, Then Tweet

Having an understanding of what your audience is likely to be doing at certain times is always helpful. What we’re saying is that if you’re aiming at students who want high street retail clothing tweeting around lunchtime and early evening is a good idea, and in particular on a Sunday when the hangovers are lingering, and procrastination is thriving! This will see your engagement frequency increase as you tweak your posts to suit the lives of your audience.