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4 Simple Ways To Boost Customer Spending On Your eCommerce Site

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted July 31, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Owning an eCommerce website that consistently turns over a good profit can be challenging – in order to keep the orders coming in, you’ll need to be constantly tweaking and fine-tuning your site to give customers what they want.

But are there any simple quick wins that you can implement easily using Magento?

Absolutely! We’ve gathered together four straightforward ways you can increase turnover on your eCommerce website without having to invest time and money in gaining new visitors.

Offer a free sample

There’s something inherently built into humans that means no matter who you are, you love getting something for free – especially if it’s from a popular brand or company you follow. With that in mind, sending your customers a targeted free sample can encourage them to spend more on your website in the future.

Send out the right free sample to the right customers and you’ll potentially tempt them into buying additional products or even up-selling them to a superior brand of the same product with a better profit margin for your business. Just be sure to target the free samples carefully and give it some thought.

Adjust your free delivery threshold

Are you offering free delivery on orders over a certain value? If so, take the time to sit down and review this. By adjusting your free delivery threshold to just above your average order value, you can sometimes entice customers to add an extra product or two to their baskets – just don’t go too high and start putting customers off!

Introduce a loyalty system

A simple loyalty programme can quickly become a powerful tool in driving revenue and bringing customers back to your eCommerce site. These can be a easy as allowing customers to accrue points that give them a percentage off future purchases, for example earn 100 points for 5% off your next order.

As a leading eCommerce platform, Magento allows you to easily add this type of loyalty programme to your site and the rewards can be huge if done correctly.

Chaser emails for abandoned carts

Smaller eCommerce websites often neglect this well-used trick, but it can actually boost revenue quickly and easily. Again, Magento allows you the ability to see abandoned carts – where a customer has added products to their basket, but not checked out.

Set up a chaser email to hit the customer’s inbox after a few days. Keep it simple too – just ask them if they have any questions and give them a reminder of the items they have in their basket. Sometimes asking for more sales is all you need to do!

So there we have it, four simple ways to boost your eCommerce website’s revenue without making wholesale changes. The key to success here is to measure, monitor and understand your audience first, then refine your process as you go.

Let us know how you get on!