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4 Reasons Your Users Will Benefit From Personalisation

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted February 3, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

If you are looking to create eCommerce website content that will get you results, or you are a new business and you are keen to start off putting your best foot forward, then capitalising on a very important element of eCommerce should be a focus. We are, of course, talking about personalisation.

We’ve recently touched on the benefits of personalisation and its importance, and now we’re going to expand further on this vital factor in today’s eCommerce realms. There is little point resisting the fact that personalisation has evolved into a crucial part of any eCommerce campaign’s success. This is chiefly achieved through offering second to none experiences for consumers, allowing them to enjoy a feeling of being understood, connected and, most-importantly, valued. In return, the consumers reward you with quicker conversions, increased cart values, improved spend levels and repeat business.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here are four pointers that can help guide you down the route to personalisation success:

Increased Conversion Numbers

Here, we are referring mainly to the notion of cross-selling. A long-established cog in the sales process machine, and if the customer has navigated to your product for one item, then chances are, they are going to leave with that one product. However, giving them a personalised cross-selling approach based on their individual purchase history can help to point them in the right direction in terms of buying more than one item during a transaction. The end result of this is an improved personalised experience for the consumer and increased conversion rates for your business.

Successful Customer Retention

Another benefit your business can profit from personalisation is the increase in customer retention through a higher frequency of relevant and tailored online experiences. Personalisation compels you to gather data about your customers; data which is then put to good use later to make recommendations and modify promotions to individual customer needs. There’s a very basic foundation to customer retention, and you’ll want to remember them. They are relationship and familiarity. Introducing personalisation paves the way for you to facilitate both elements, giving you a helping hand towards building healthy relationships with your existing customers at the same time as refining familiarity.

Thriving Customer Engagement

This is where Google Analytics being verified and running correctly on your site. You will be able to track your average session duration through analytics. Once you are all up and running you want to aim to see average session durations exceeding the 90-second average. Ideally, you want a visit to last upwards of 120 seconds to three minutes or more.

By having personalisation on board this creates an advantage for your business as you are increasing relevance, and therefore promoting longer and higher volumes of visits. An example for you to consider is that you can target offers centred around brands and/or products a consumer clicks on and explores. You can open the door to educating a visitor on areas related to the products being exploring, and you can bring engagement to returning visitors on a targeted level by prompting them to browse products from their previous visit.

Furthermore, you can look to bring in targeted content and web personalisation which can then boost the degree of customer engagement. Consider enabling triggered messages based on the duration a visitor has been on a particular page, how much they engage with a product, or if they navigate towards leaving the site. Don’t forget that you can also trigger reminders and ‘buy now’ messages in the event of an abandoned cart arising.

Boost Customer Acquisition

When customers initially visit your website, personalisation presents the opportunity to establish minor but significant and meaningful steps in the direction of an exclusive one to one interaction that will create long-lasting results for your business. If your website provides you with some identification as to the source that brought the consumer to your websites, such as an email or PPC ad, then you can look to build on the information you gain and to personalise the shopping journey for the customer. Additionally, personalisation can bring engagement with a new visitor through real-time if you incorporate a captivating call to action; a daily offer, for example, is a good option.