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4 Reasons Why You Need Good Product Mmages

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted March 21, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

When it comes to running a successful eCommerce business, Magento, or otherwise, visual content, i.e. product images, are arguably the biggest selling point for your stock. You buy with your eyes and you’re never going to buy something without viewing it first, realistically.

We’ve looked at the essential nature of product photography and how it can distinguish your business and set you apart from the competition, as well as why it shouldn’t set you back in terms of cost.

Easily Capture Professional Pics

 We can thank the hosts of image editing services for the endless capabilities in terms of easily entering, adding and editing images that will appeal to the customers. It genuinely has never been more simple to get your Magento eCommerce site populated with striking, enticing and captivating images of your products.

Take advantage and benefit from packages like Photoshop Lightroom, from Adobe, offering a wealth of online tutorials, and easier-to-use tools that will enrich your product imagery without having to spend the earth on software you don’t know how to use!

Of course, with it being 2016, you can just open up Instagram and get stuck into their image enhancement tools, which will allow you to play around with your images to get the best from your products’ features. It could only take the right filter to be used and you’re done!

Beat The High Competition

In this day and age competition has become even more heightened, which means you need to be on top of your game to ensure the conversions come your way and not on the websites who also vying for your customers’ custom. Everyone is looking for the best deal nowadays, and you can be sure that your competition will be planning the best and most effective strategy to secure customers.

As a result of the points we have just raised, you can bet that having substandard images is not going to help you one bit and therefore you need to ensure your product photography is in line with the standards of the big guns who are paying top dollar to ‘be the best’. You don’t have to pay the money they do, but you need to stay in touch with them, which can be achieved simply through good, clean, high-quality images.


We’re constantly talking about the shift towards mCommerce and how it is competing with eCommerce for the spoils in terms of popularity among users, so you need to know that you have the images on your mobile-friendly site that will capture the attention of the customer and keep them there. Browsing aimlessly online has never been so popular, with that in mind you need to ensure product imagery is up to scratch.

Social Media

What entices you to read an article, or click on a sponsored link on social media? The normal answer is almost certainly going to be great visual content to accompany a post. This means that your product images should not just look professional, but also be branded and distinctive, allowing you to set your social media presence apart from your rivals.

As you’ll already be aware, Twitter posts have a character limitation on them, so, therefore, having the confidence to know that you’ve posted an accompanying image that will essentially do the talking for you and say the words you couldn’t type is key.