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4 Features For Google Ads eCommerce Advertisers

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted July 26, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Google Ads is Google’s gift to advertisers looking to spread the word according to a fixed budget. People spot the keyword they’re interested in, they click and arrive at your page, and that’s when Google gets paid. It’s simple and very popular as marketing campaign tools go.

Integrated with Ads lately are several new features that will enhance the effectiveness of that approach, and give you even more value for your eCommerce marketing budget. Well, that’s the theory. Let’s have a look.

The big change on offer is Google Attribution. With this feature, the advertising doesn’t just have to be aligned to the last click the customer made, as the sole indication of their intention and interest. It could be a combination of factors, with reference to things like the first click they made on the page, and how long it took them between clicks.

If you understand the psychology behind online behaviours and choices, you can be even more strategic about the customers you know you’ll value being sent your way. Be aware that Google only offers the top-level filtering of Google Attribution to accounts with over 20,000 clicks and more than 800 conversions in the last month. But, even if that’s not you, it’s an interesting step to note. This is the ways marketing is moving.

Another new Google Ads feature from Google is In-Market Audiences, which supplies the data for those currently searching for certain goods and services like the ones you’re selling. Armed with those demographics, you can determine ever tighter marketing strategies. Google Optimize offers Google Ads users free use of things like A/B testing and integration with Google Analytics.

The range of optimisation tools here is designed to allow you to tweak your advertising to the most effective version, which means money saving and streamlining. Good news.

Finally, Life Events. If you’re active in an industry that relates to life events – e.g. birthdays, retirement, weddings – it’s going to be worth your while having a landing page specifically tailored to welcome customers to whom that is currently applicable. Google’s Life Events will help take your message to those customers whose online behaviours and data profiles demonstrate they are well-placed to respond.

So that’s four more reasons why you should get onto Google Ads and make use of the power of eCommerce analytics for your business.