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2023 Summary: Highlights from Our eCommerce Whitepapers and Webinars

  • Written By Kris
  • Posted January 4, 2024
  • 2 minutes Read Time

As we embrace the new beginnings of 2024, it’s a good time to reflect on the impactful content we created in 2023. From insightful whitepapers to engaging webinars, each piece of content was crafted with the intent to provide value and drive growth for our clients and the broader eCommerce community.

The Pinnacle of 2023: Our Whitepapers

Last year we released four comprehensive whitepapers covering some of the hottest topics in eCommerce. Each of these whitepapers provided in-depth insights and actionable strategies for eCommerce store owners.

  • Agile Content Creation in eCommerce – Learn how agile content creation can benefit your eCommerce website. In this whitepaper, you’ll find out how agile content creation can help you manage content efficiently and effectively.
  • Master eCommerce UX & Storytelling – This comprehensive whitepaper is filled with practical tips and advice. It covers everything from the importance of effective messaging and the design of a superior user experience to strategies for competing with Amazon on delivery.
  • Navigation & Information Architecture Success Strategies – This whitepaper has everything you need to know about eCommerce website navigation, architecture, and catalogue management. It’s full of expert tips for making your website frictionless for users.
  • Retail Mind Games: A Guide to Effective eCommerce Discounts -This whitepaper provides a comprehensive look into the mechanisms and impacts of various promotional techniques in the online retail sector. We explore how both simple and advanced tactics can subtly influence consumer behaviour.

Engagement Through Education: Our Webinar Series

In 2023, we hosted a series of webinars led by our co-founder Adam King. These insightful sessions covered various eCommerce topics and featured an impressive lineup of guests, including our platform and tech partners, UX & CRO specialists, and clients who shared their insights on their eCommerce experiences.

You can catch up on all our webinars on our YouTube channel or use the playlist below for easy access.

Looking Ahead: 2024

As we begin 2024, we’re excited to offer even more content. We’re full of new ideas and plans for additional resources, all aimed at helping eCommerce stores succeed in the constantly changing digital world. You can expect more insightful tips, practical advice, and continued support from our team.