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2015 eCommerce Tech Trends

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 4, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Summer is here and it’s a good time to look both backwards and forwards and see where this year’s UK eCommerce trends look to be headed. If you’re building your Magento store for online services, you’ll want to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you’re on track with the latest developments. Here are some hints.

One thing is for sure, consumers purchasing products via mobile devices is not just a passing phase. In 2014 a third of buyers were opting for this method. Why? Convenience, shopping on a whim, taking advantage of quick and easy interfaces. So much of life is now carried out on smartphones and tablets, it just makes business sense to cash in on the ease of the public’s everyday mobile interaction.

On Twitter, there’s the new ‘Buy Now’ button, which has streamlined the sales journey even further. Once checkout details are stored on the system, placing an order for a product advertised on Twitter is only a click away. That’s just how shoppers like it to be.

By the way, the current hotspot for eCommerce social interaction and referring sales is Pinterest, although other similar sites are springing up now, notably, The Hunt. These highly visual social sites encourage the sharing of links to products, which in term creates an online buzz of interest, generally leading to the buying behaviour you want to encourage. The formidable giants Amazon and eBay still dominate the market of course, along with India’s leading contender, Flipkart.

But the landscape keeps shifting. Google has an up and coming role in eCommerce, especially since the introduction of Google Shopping last year. Google’s search dominance and extensive web analytics facilities, obviously vital to online selling nowadays, make Google the one to watch as we look towards 2016. The developments in Google email features continue to influence how retailers get to know their customers’ needs and want. As Google’s features and policies change, it’s bound to affect everyone’s shopping culture going forward.

It remains to be seen whether a wearable technology will consolidate its progress into mainstream shopping popularity or drop off as a quirk, but what is clear is that there will continue to be regular innovations for eCommerce technology. That’s a trend that shows no slowing down.

Stick with us to stay ahead of eCommerce developments in 2015.