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13 Facts To Show There’s Never Been A Better Time To Start An eCommerce Website!

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted July 7, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Are you looking to move into the digital world and start your own eCommerce website? Let’s be honest, the options available these days and the freedom, accessibility and potential for success when it comes to working in the digital commerce sector are undeniably alluring for the business person of today. You can literally sell anything you want online and someone somewhere will want to buy it!

If you needed any more convincing that now is the time for you to start up your very own eCommerce business, then check out these statistics that have been compiled over the last 12 months, and tell us you still aren’t convinced!

There are also some great tips in there that aren’t just data-orientated, they can be used to help you make sure you’re doing all the right things from the off. Here goes…

1. Typically, a consumer will make a visit to three sites before committing to a purchase.

2. A third of all online sales in the UK occur in the evening, more specifically, after 6 pm.

3. Almost half (47%) of all online orders have free shipping included.

4. There’s a higher chance that consumers will abandon their shopping cart if they arrive at checkout to find free shipping is not included.

5. An overwhelming 71% of online shoppers are of the belief that they will receive better value than shopping through high street stores.

6. eCommerce in the UK is set to reach £69.3 billion in 2016.

7. 81% of shoppers will take the time to research the product they are looking for online prior to making a purchase.

8. 60% of consumers will start their online shopping journey by searching for products via a search engine (predominantly Google).

9. Product reviews are important, as 61% of shoppers scroll to see the reviews before committing to a purchase.

10. Over a quarter (27%) of online sales in the UK during 2014 were through a tablet.

11. The age group that spend more money online than any other age categories is the 18-34 group.

12. An overwhelming 95% of tablet users and 72% of smartphone users complete their purchases at home.

13. If a consumer is shopping for a mobile app they are 46% less likely to revert to comparison shopping.


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