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eCommerce Experience

Through granular conversion rate optimisation audits and facilitated user tests, we aim to improve your customer's experience by providing informed solutions based on science, data, and real-world experiences, rather than assumption or bias. For our Experience Team, the end goal is to increase your conversion rate and reduce checkout abandonment so identifying quick wins and improvements with the biggest impact will always be our primary focus.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is all about improving the customer journey from initial entry through to order success, with a single focus to improve conversion. Everything is considered, including page performance, segmentation, friction, language, pain points, usability and accessibility.

Conversion flow mapping
In-depth analysis of performance
Split testing site improvements
Thorough recommendations report
Conversion-focused solutions

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User Experience

Gain honest and unbiased insight into the needs of your consumers whilst on your site, and learn exactly what they expect / require from their purchase journey.

Immersive user testing
Session plan, setup & facilitation
Recordings of all user tests
Thorough recommendations report
Conversion-focused solutions

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Experience Benefits

At Media Lounge we champion a combined CRO and UX approach. It allows us to obtain a holistic picture of site performance and understand not only what is happening on the site (through conversion rate optimisation analysis) but why it is happening (user testing). Armed with this knowledge we can provide solutions that will not only enhance your consumer’s journey but improve site conversion rates – every store owner’s aim!



A huge part of our CRO and UX work focuses on site accessibility. At Media Lounge, we feel that it’s our responsibility to design and create websites that enable users of all abilities to understand, interact with, navigate through and enjoy. This stems not only from our desire to empathise with our users but also not wanting to produce websites that are difficult, frustrating or inaccessible. As a result, we always ensure that our eCommerce sites are crafted with accessibility at the forefront of our minds.

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Media Lounge is an award-winning full service eCommerce agency based in Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK. Our team of over 30 awesome, talented, and passionate eCommerce professionals work with retailers to architect and develop eCommerce projects using the latest cutting edge platforms, chosen to compliment and future-proof B2C and B2B online retailers.

Over 400 eCommerce stores and 11 years on, we’ve helped grow online retailers to their next level. We live and breathe eCommerce, innovating with new technology and improving our knowledge of how eCommerce impacts retailers’ day to day. It’s not just about launching a shiny new store, but working closely to make sure the store delivers on the fundamentals.